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In 2016 the Housing Registrar consolidated six separate documents into one publication, Our Regulatory Framework.

Below are links to each individual section of the document, or you can download the entire publication(pdf 463KB) . Please contact us for a printed copy of the Our Regulatory Framework.

Our regulatory framework aims to strengthen housing agencies’ capacity to attract, develop and protect capital investment, manage existing housing stock and support and protect vulnerable tenants. The document describes the overall regulatory framework, identifying the major components and explaining each in detail.

  1. Introduction(pdf 430KB)
  2. Registration(pdf 435KB)
  3. Compliance and performance(pdf 441KB)
  4. Business performance(pdf 447KB)
  5. Regulatory engagement and escalation(pdf 452KB)
  6. Complaints management(pdf 457KB)

In order to view PDF documents contained on this page you will require Adobe Reader. If you would like to receive publications in an alternative format please contact us.