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The Housing Registrar publishes guidance notes and good practice guides. Guidance notes identify the level of performance or compliance expected of registered housing agencies. In contrast, good practice guides highlight good and best practice about performance areas.

Implementation of good practice guides is not compulsory, however to demonstrate continuous improvement, the Housing Registrar expects that agencies use the guides to improve performance. We have also produced some information sheets to clarify processes and practices we have implemented.

Guidance notes

Agency self-assessment and reporting(pdf 252KB)
Details legislative and other reporting requirements for registered agencies, and the critical role placed on agency self-assessment in demonstrating compliance and continuous improvement.

Assets and complaints under the Registrar’s jurisdiction(pdf 341KB)
This guidance provides advice for registered agencies on identifying:

  • housing assets required to be listed on their agency register;
  • housing and tenancies to be included in key performance measure reporting; and
  • tenants and prospective tenants whose complaints may be referred to the Registrar.

Corporate group structures and the Victorian regulatory framework(pdf 109KB)
This document provides guidance for housing agencies wanting to operate in Victoria through a corporate group structure. It aims to promote best practice in the sector by identifying the expectations of the Victorian regulator in relation to corporate groups and their operation in Victoria.

Intervention guidelines(pdf 173KB)
Under intervention guidelines published in the Victorian Government Gazette in August 2005, a series of intervention triggers are outlined. These triggers reflect specific circumstances that may invoke intervention.

Regulation of newly registered agencies(pdf 58KB)
The purpose of this guidance is to identify specific requirements for newly registered agencies according to the quarter of the financial year in which agencies become registered.

Reportable events(docx 313KB)
A reportable event is an event that may/will have a significant impact on an agency's performance against performance standards. The Housing Registrar must be informed as soon as a reportable event is identified and it is the responsibility of the registered agency to disclose these events.  

Good practice guides

Asset management good practice guide(pdf 999KB)
The asset management guide provides direction to registered housing agencies to assess their current practices based on the level of asset management requirements and to develop action plans to achieve best practice for their size and scale. It can also be used by agencies to consider additional asset practices that might be needed in preparation for growth opportunities.

Asset management categorisation tool(xlsx 28KB)
Agencies can use this simple tool to assess their relevant classification. Once required details are filled in, the tool highlights the asset management category for individual agencies.

Getting tenants involved(pdf 503KB)
This good practice guide provides practical advice for agencies wishing to increase tenant involvement in the organisation. This report was developed with input from the Community Housing Federation of Victoria (CHFV) and 22 registered housing agencies.

Information sheets

Confidentiality(pdf 161KB)
Under the Housing Act 1983 (the Act), the registration and regulation of housing agencies require the provision of information by agencies to the Housing Registrar which may include commercial-in-confidence and/or personal information. This paper provides a general overview of the management and handling of information by us under the Act.

Incident reporting(pdf 59KB)
A factsheet on incident reporting has been provided to give an overview for registered agencies of their incident reporting obligations to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Housing Registrar. In addition to the information provided, DHHS guidelines, reporting templates and regional fax numbers related to incident reporting are available on the DHHS funded agency channel.

Rent setting
To enable a better understanding of rent setting we have produced in conjunction with the CHFV a detailed information paper(pdf 715KB) for all stakeholders associated with social housing. We have also produced a shorter version(pdf 271KB) specifically for tenants and prospective tenants to assist them to understand how their rent is calculated.